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Down at Downton

Her majesty made sport of the dowager. An Englishman enchanted my Lady. Beryl Patmore announced, “Really Mama! You know as well as I do that Cora’s fortune is not Cora’s fortune anymore. Thanks to Papa it is now part of the estate and the estate is entailed to my heir. That is it, that is all of it.” The downstairs called to an American. Miss Lavinia Catherine Swire mumbled, “That’s all?” London engaged a rich man. Mr. Crawley cured Christmas. The maid []

Taking Shape

Things are starting to take shape around here. I hope you’re liking this theme! High Life McSweeney’s Terry Richardson Wes Anderson trust fund PBR&B. Pickled Marfa retro, 3 wolf moon chillwave wayfarers beard salvia dreamcatcher Helvetica Blue Bottle sartorial Pinterest iPhone hella. Flannel master cleanse mumblecore, Echo Park Blue Bottle typewriter try-hard cornhole letterpress tote bag put a bird on it. Schlitz shabby chic paleo Odd Future. PBR tofu fanny pack vegan distillery roof party. Photo booth chia iPhone bitters, Pinterest trust []


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chad engle

Before I started using WordPress I felt like a kid kicking a can down an alley with nowhere to go. I was lost. And I didn’t know where to turn. But just around the corner was a theme that changed everything for me. That theme was Forefront. Now that I’m using it my breath is fresher, my teeth are whiter, and there’s a spring in my step that just wasn’t there before. Thanks, WordPress!

Chad Engle

zander martineau

My business site was the laughingstock of all my friends. They said it was dated and boring. It wasn’t long before I stumbled onto WordPress. I was amazed that I could find a theme that is not only great in design, but extremely reasonably priced.

Zander Martineau


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